The Cessation of Indigenous Cultural Practices That Duress the Esteem of Women in Africa

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Posted on: 5 July, 2017

Women play very vibrant roles in the development of families and societies in Africa. Their great and unequivocal sacrifices they offer to their societies are unparalleled. Aside from the tiresome efforts, they exert in tying the loose nuts in their families such as providing meals, washing clothes, tending to children, providing warmth and affection to their husbands and other members of the family, as workaholics in business setups, they also contribute significantly to the socio-economic development in societies. It is disturbing that some indigenous cultural practices in some local communities in Africa still hold strings that pull down the esteem of many women by putting a barrier on their involvement in some high levels of social development such as in key decision-making processes.View Full Article Here

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