What’s so special about fidget spinner?

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Posted on: 17 July, 2017
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What’s so special about fidget spinner?

Attractive and mesmerizing. Definitely the fashion of the moment between children and adults: the Fidget Spinner or Spinner, as it is commonly known.

This popular instrument has said everything from being born for therapeutic purposes and reducing anxiety until it works well for people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or autism spectrum disorder.
In fact, Jeff Bezos himself, entrepreneur and founder of commented that it is the best-selling toy on his site, while Forbes magazine called it ‘The Essential Toy for the Office in 2017’.

Finally, the fashionable toy created by Catherine Hettinger, in the nineties, who devised to spend more time with his daughter and not as a therapeutic method and whose patent lost in 2005 not having the 400 dollars that required to do The process, is still controversial but in spite of everything, for the moment no one takes away being the fashionable toy.